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Available Services

Here you can find out about some additional valuable services that can be added to your order. Please let me know if you'd like any other services to be performed as part of your order.

The Most Commonly-Requested Services:

Some stores may not accept credit cards issued in other countries. If you request Purchase Assistance, I will place the order for you and pay for it using my own payment methods. If you would like to buy the items yourself, you'll be provided with my business address to use with the store to place your order.

I'll photograph the items being shipped to you to make sure they are the items you ordered.

I'll check the package contents to make sure items have no visible defects and are, in fact, what you ordered.

Under international customs law, YOU are the legal importer of your package, not me. With the Customs Declaration service, I'll fill out a customs declaration for the shipment on your behalf. If you opt for self-clearance instead, please check with your country's custom's customs officials to inquire about the process you should follow to complete the clearance process.

Most countries limit the value of inbound shipments for duty-free/tax-free clearance. If the declared package value is higher, you will be required to pay customs duty and/or tax on the contents (up to 30% of goods cost of more). If you order this service, I will list the contents of the shipment at whatever value you choose on the customs form. CUSTOMS VALUE MODIFICATION REQUIRES THE CUSTOMS DECLARATION SERVICE, since I have to fill out the form in the first place in order to alter it for you.

I'll assist with the store regarding any issues, questions, or refunds post-sale. This does not change our obligation to adhere to their policies regarding their refund/exchange policies. Remember that if I'm not the one making the purchase, they may be hesitant to work with someone who they consider "unrelated" to the transaction for security reasons, so you may have to grant them permission to work with me.

Your order will be processed and shipped ahead of non-priority orders. Not applicable to weekends or holidays. Please check availability calendar in the case of time-sensitive shipments.

Additional Services:

Additional or replacement packaging to protect your shipment in transit, and/or reinforcement on the outer packaging. Without this service, the original store's shipping materials will be used.

Your order will be optimized for size or weight into a smaller or lighter shipping container, or multiple items combined into a single container for shipment. This service is recommended if your order's size or weight can be optimized into a smaller or lighter box, and this service is required if your order is made up of items from different websites that you want to ship together in one container.

I will check all electronic items in the package for operability...that make sure the item can be turned on. This service can be used for items that can plug into a standard North American electrical outlet, typically 110-120V (60 Hz), and not for things like internal computer components.

Upon your instruction only, I will remove items from the shipment that are prohibited from entering your country. It is entirely your responsibility to tell me what needs to be removed from the shipment.

I will use a safe antiseptic on all items in the package to clear any bacteria or viruses, including COVID-19.

Mandatory Service:

I do not ship uninsured packages! As a result, every offer I make will include shipping insurance. This amount fluctuates based on several factors, including shipping type, type of cargo, signature requirements, and other factors. Generally, the items (including sales tax and shipping) as well as the shipping costs for the items from the USA to your country are fully covered, but there are terms that apply to each covered transaction. Please do not hesitate to wrote for more details, as the underwriter's terms are available for review at any time. Visit the Insurance page for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.