Shipping Insurance

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Shipping Insurance

The forwarder is not responsible for loss, damage, theft, or any problem with any shipment once it is accepted by the carrier and/or scan activity shows it has entered the mail stream. Effective immediately, shipping insurance will be mandatory with each order. If your order cannot be insured for any reason, I will not be able to offer my services at this time.

Insurance services are provided by a 3rd-party insurer, or a combination of the carrier and a 3rd-party insurer (for deductible, shipment value, or other purposes), or the carrier alone (at the forwarder's discretion, based on several factors). A link to the terms of the insurance being offered is available upon request for your review, which you are encouraged to take advantage of.

The forwarder will initiate and assist with all insurance claims should the need arise. There is no set time frame for the processing and payout of insurance claims, as it is up to the 3rd party insurer and/or carrier to investigate and pay as they determine the appropriate outcome of the claim. Approval or denial of the claim is solely the 3rd party insurer and/or the carrier's decision. Your understanding and patience is appreciated throughout the entire process.

If you have specific insurance needs or requests, it is the shopper's responsibility to ask the forwarder for an adjusted offer reflecting any changes in price this may cause prior to accepting an offer. Adjustments may or may not be possible at a later time at the forwarder's discretion based on the carrier, coverage availability, types of item(s) being shipped, and other factors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.